Lens Options...

There are lots of options for modern day lenses.
The most important is Ultra Violet protection. Studies show that ultra violet rays from the sun can cause cataracts.
Scratch coating is a good option. It adds an extra layer of protection for scratches due to everyday wear and tear.
Anti reflective coating is a great product to help cut glare. It works well at night when driving to cut the glare from oncoming headlights but also helps cut glare due to indoor lighting and computer screens.

Transition lenses change from light to dark when in sunlight. The molecular change that occurs in these lenses works best in cooler weather and they will get lighter inside of your car. They work very well for everyday uses of going in and out and for people that work outdoors. 

Polarized lenses work wonderfully for sunglasses. Outdoors men really like these lenses because they break the glare so well that they can see into water on the river or lake. They are also great for everyday sunglasses.

When you come in for your exam Dr. Huston or any of our staff will be glad to talk to you about all the options and help choose the correct lens for your prescription.

Eye Exams..

When you come into our office for your appointment you will receive a full comprehensive eye exam. Dr. Huston will not only check your vision and write you a prescription for your eyeglasses or contacts, but he will also perform several tests to evaluate the health of your eyes.
The first test will be done by our Optical Technician and it is done with the eye computer or better known as the Auto Refractor. In less than one second, this amazing instrument calculates the lens power necessary to correct your vision. It does this without asking any questions.
At the touch of a button the eye computer takes a numerical picture of your eye. Your computer findings are then confirmed and refined by Dr. Huston in the normal fashion to establish your final visual prescription.

The next test is the Perimetry (visual field testing) and is one of the most important clinical functions of a complete eye exam. Perimetry refers to the testing of the central 30 degrees of vision of the eye. Analysis of data from the visual field computer allows us to construct a map of the visual responses of your retina and other neurological tissues.

Dr. Huston will then not only check your vision but he will also check your eyes for cataracts, Macular Degeneration and glaucoma. The eye is the only place in the human body where the blood vessels can be seen without surgery and due to this Dr. Huston can also detect several systemic diseases including high blood pressure and diabetes.


The wonders of the world are often seen through the eye of a child. Yet without good vision, a child's ability to learn about the world is decreased. Vision problems affect 1 in 20 preschoolers and 1 in 4 school age children.

Since many vision problems begin at an early age, it is important that children receive proper eye care. Untreated eye problems can become worse and lead to other problems- as well as affect learning ability, personality and adjustments in school. It is for these reasons that you should make sure your children get a yearly eye exam.

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EYE GLASS LENSES are not the same as they were twenty, ten or even five years ago. Due to improvements in manufacturing, hard resin lenses are more optically correct than ever before.
There are several different types of hard resin lenses.
CR-39 is the type of lens that Dr. Huston recommends for most prescriptions due to not only the excellent visual acuity the lens provides but also the durability.
Trivex is another lens material that is a fantastic product for the modern drill mount frames. It is a thinner,lighter lens but has great flexibility so that it can be drilled easily with very little breakage.
Polycarbonate is a very thin light lens but it does get scratched easily and visual acuities can be diminished.

We will help you in choosing the best lense for you and your prescription.

Blue Light

Did you know that blue light emitted from computers. phones, or any LED light source can permanently harm your eyes? Read the following articles to learn about blue light.